PG&E Home Upgrade Core Training

In this three-day Home Upgrade course, you will learn fundamentals of building science and gain practical experience with core measures in the Energy Upgrade California program, including:...
* How to find air leaks in the building shell and properly seal them
* How to insulate the attic plane
* How to test forced air duct systems and building shells to program standards
* Combustion appliance safety testing practices
* Essential components of PG&E's Energy Upgrade California program
* How program measures fit with HERS, HERS II, BPI, and other certifications and utility programs
All Home Upgrade Core Trainings run from 9:00am-4:30pm each day of training.
Day 1 will be held in a classroom. Day 2 and 3 will be held 1/2 day in the classroom and 1/2 day in the lab.
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Eligibility Requirements
This free course is offered to Participating Contractor Companies and Participating Raters as part of onboarding or a bi-annual refresher.
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