PG&E Advanced Home Upgrade Technical Training

This one-day course is required for all Building Performance Institute (BPI) professionals or raters/analysts who wish to submit combustion appliance safety test results to Pacific Gas and Electric’s Energy Upgrade California program. The course focuses on supplementary combustion appliance safety protocols that augment those specified by BPI. It also provides training on program installation specifications and Program duct testing requirements, augmenting what is currently covered by BPI-certified professional training.
NOTE: BPI professionals who will submit combustion appliance safety test results to PG&E’s Energy Upgrade California program have priority for attending this course.
All Advanced Home Upgrade Technical Trainings run from 9:00am-5:00pm.
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Eligibility Requirements
In order to participate in PG&E's Advanced Home Upgrade rebate program, you or someone in your company must attend a Participation Workshop. This can take place before or after your participation in the Advanced Home Upgrade Technical Training. Your participation will be verfied. Learn more and sign up on the Events Calendar.
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